30 in 5

26 Jul

I have a goal.  I want to lose 30lbs by New Year’s Eve.  That’s not crazy right?  30 pounds in 5 months is completely doable.  All I have to do is continue to work out, and eat right.  So why when I should be changing into my workout clothes for a Zumba class, am I currently waiting for the oven to buzz and tell me my white garlic pizza is ready?

It’s ongoing battle.  Every day I fight with the me that I know is inside, the me that I know can be free if I just stick to my plan.  Why don’t I stick to my plan?  I’m the most motivated, unmotivated person I’ve ever meant.  I want to change so badly, but I just can’t pull the trigger.   Laziness keeps winning.

I’m going to enjoy every cheesey bite of my pizza, and then in an hour, I’m going to beat myself up.  I’m going to feel gross for giving in, and not going to class.

Tomorrow is a new day… and tomorrow I will not give in.  I promise myself, I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO LAZINESS!


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