Hello world!

26 Jul

Every day I would tell myself  I should find a voice and share it with the world.  Well today, I stopped talking about it, and finally did it.  After 30 years, its time to share myself with the world.  There has always been a part of me that longed to write, ached to share my voice with anyone who would listen.  Today, I stop denying that voice, and I share it with you.  However, you found yourself here, I am grateful for it, and I am thankful that you care to listen.

One thing I promise is to be honest, and in the spirit of honesty,  I’m not entirely sure what my focus will be.  I suppose that is something that will come with time.  So please excuse me while I reconnect with the voice that I have ignored for so long.  My journey to tomorrow started long ago, but is never ending….


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