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I need a VACATION!

24 Aug

I’m so burnt out… this is pretty much how I feel on a daily basis.

In March, my husband and I went on an AH-MAZING 2 week vacation to Ireland.  It was supposed to be our one BIG vacation for the year. We spared no expense, and truly had an incredible time.

We were there for St. Patrick’s day, and there were a lot of these

And A LOT of these

Which did not leave us with a lot of this

The problem is that March seems like YEARS ago.  I mentally need a break.  I need time off from work.  It needs to be more then just a long weekend.  I hate long weekends!  Well, I mean I dont HATE them, but let’s be honest,  a long weekend usually turns into just another day to run errands, or do things around the house.  I don’t want to do a thing.  I want to sit by a pool, or on a beach with gossip mags.  I want to go for a hike, or rent a kayak.

Excuse me, I’m going to plan a budget friendly getaway now.  I’ll be back.


Weekly Workouts

23 Aug

Better late then never?

Sunday- Zumba  lay on the couch feeling like garbage all day (thanks John Jameson)

Monday- rest (because clearly Sunday was not enough rest)

Tuesday- Zumba, for REAL this time

Wednesday- Pilates DVD at home

Thursday- weight workout at the gym, and running on the track

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Zumba Tone



I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I feel like I have all these awesome topics floating around in my mind, but when I sit at the computer it all goes away.  I’ve noticed that lots of Blogs I like to read, are full of pictures.  To be a better Blogger, I need to get used to carrying my camera and snapping lots of pics.  I’M WORKING ON IT.  I promise to dedicate more time, and energy (and pictures)!

Change O Plans

11 Aug

I TRY to plan out my workouts in advance.  I feel like if it’s scheduled into my week, I’m more likely to stick to it.  What’s so easy about this right now for me, is that I’ve been taking a lot of classes.

This is what this week was supposed to look like.

Sunday- Zumba (check)

Monday- Rest (check)

Tuesday- Zumba (check)

Wednesday- Aerobics (um not so much)

Thursday- Gym work out.  Some combination of running, abs, and machines (yet to be determined)

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Zumba Tone

I skipped Aerobics on Wednesday.  I had to, I just WAS.NOT.FEELING.IT!  Back story, I decided to join an aerobics class a few months ago, because it was being offered by my old dance instructor.  I took classes with her from the time I was 3 until I was 18.  There was something wonderful and nostalgic about taking one of her classes again.  There was nothing more comforting than her yelling out 5.. 6… 7… 8…, and running through pretty much the entire stretch/warm up routine I remember (to updated music).  I loved being in her class, the problem was, I didn’t like the class.  So I think I’m saying Ciao to Wednesday night Aerobics.

Skipping a work out completely did not seem like a good idea.   I finally feel like I’m getting back into a routine.   So I popped in a 20 minutes Pilates video, and it was killa!  I love Pilates, and I’m not sure why I don’t do it more.  Maybe Wednesday’s will now be Pilates night.  I know my abs would definitely benefit!

You probably noticed above, that tonight’s workout is questionable.  It’s the first Pre Season game for the Patriots, and the hubs started sending emails around noon telling me the gym was closed tonight!   If it’s closed, we clearly can’t go!  Silly man!



Babies are Everywhere!

11 Aug

On Saturday, we met some good friends at the Amesbury Ale House (change of plans), for dinner.  Right before it was time to order drinks, my good friend A announced that she would be ordering water because she is pregnant!!  That makes 2 announcements in 2 weeks!  All of a sudden babies are everywhere!  I am so over the moon excited for both of my close friends and this amazing journey they are on, but suddenly when A announced her pregnancy I had this major minor panic attack.

I have no idea what brought it on.  All of sudden all these doubts flooded my mind.  What if we can’t have children?  What if there is something wrong with ME?  I understand these are all normal fears, and they are issues my husband and I have discussed at length.  We have lots of love to give, and are more than willing to adopt and give a baby that needs a home, all that we have to give.  The wave of doubt and panic was overwhelming, and like nothing I have ever experienced before.

All of a sudden I have this urge, this burning in my being for a baby.  Is this that biological clock I’ve heard so much about??

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

6 Aug

Here’s a terrible picture to give you a better idea of the fun color.


Why do my fingers look so chubby?!  Please disregard the terrible paint job.  I’ve spent the afternoon catching up on some shows On Demand, and painting my fingers and toes, and the hub has been outside doing yard work on this incredibly humid day.  I feel a little bit guilty, but not enough to ruin my nails!

We did take a break to make a delish lunch.  We made a grilled pizza using wheat crust, homemade pesto, grilled shrimp, and monterey jack cheese.  Did I mention it was DEE-LISH? Do you see this cheesy goodness?


I have point and shoot, and a great DSLR camera, why do I continue to use my phone?

Time to pull myself together.  We’re heading up to Newburyport to meet up with some good friends for dinner and drinks.

Reality Check….

6 Aug

Well after taking a 2 week hiatus, today was my first day back at Zumba Tone.  If you don’t know, Zumba Tone is a Zumba class combined with weights.  Prior to my complete laziness little break from class, I was using 3lbs weights (which is the highest recommended).  Today, after about 2 songs, I though my arms were going to fall off, and had to switch out my weights.  Since class had already started, there were no 2lbs left, and I had no choice but to use 1lb bright pink weights.  Serves me right for slacking at the gym.  It was actually a good thing I had the lighter weights.  Since it was my first class back in a while, I really gave it my all.  I was bright red by the end of class.  It’s amazing how quickly you can loose stamina!!!


Now, I’m taking a nice break and giving myself a little at home mani. 


I took this pic with “toy cam” option on my cell, so it’s not doing the bright pink color justice.  The color is “Presto Pink”, and I love it!  It’s such a cute, fun color for the summer!

Have you tried this kind?  I LOVE IT!  It dries super quick, and is not too thin.  I usually do 2 coats just because I like it nice and thick, but it’s probably not necessary. 


2 Aug

I wish I was one of those people that can take a handful of seemingly random ingredients, and turn them into the most amazing dish, but I’m not.  Don’t get me wrong, I can cook.  Actually, I think I’m a very good cook, but I need someone else to write the recipe.  Does that just make me a very good copycat someone who is excellent at following directions?

I love food blogs, love them.  To me, most of these people are artists.  They not only cook these amazing dishes, but more importantly, they are able to capture the flavors in their pictures.   There are times when I want to, lick the screen, stick my fork through the computer and indulge in all the deliciousness. 

Cookbooks are another love of mine.  I could spend hours flipping through the pages, taking in the pictures, and reading the recipes. 

There is something therapeutic about cooking.   For how ever long it takes to create the dish, it’s like a temporary getaway.  From the time I start the prep work, till the time I plate the delicious dish, my focus is on the cooking.  The terrible day I may have had seems to escape my thoughts, and it’s wonderful. Of course  my favorite part is the taste testing through out the process, which is clearly strictly for “quality control” purposes!