Babies are Everywhere!

11 Aug

On Saturday, we met some good friends at the Amesbury Ale House (change of plans), for dinner.  Right before it was time to order drinks, my good friend A announced that she would be ordering water because she is pregnant!!  That makes 2 announcements in 2 weeks!  All of a sudden babies are everywhere!  I am so over the moon excited for both of my close friends and this amazing journey they are on, but suddenly when A announced her pregnancy I had this major minor panic attack.

I have no idea what brought it on.  All of sudden all these doubts flooded my mind.  What if we can’t have children?  What if there is something wrong with ME?  I understand these are all normal fears, and they are issues my husband and I have discussed at length.  We have lots of love to give, and are more than willing to adopt and give a baby that needs a home, all that we have to give.  The wave of doubt and panic was overwhelming, and like nothing I have ever experienced before.

All of a sudden I have this urge, this burning in my being for a baby.  Is this that biological clock I’ve heard so much about??


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