Family Time

6 Sep

How was everyone’s long weekend?  The hubs and I hardly did a thing, and it was just what we needed.  It was so fantastic to just hang out with each other and the pup.  We did run some errands, but there was not one thing that we “had” to do this weekend.  We didn’t even go to a cookout, which felt a little odd. 

We did make a trip to the mal,l where we spoiled H.  He’s needed some new work clothes for a while now, and there were some great sales going on.  It was one of those magic trips, where he loved everything and they had his size.  He’s 6’3, so it’s no easy task to find dress shirts that fit properly.  Especially not in a variety of colors/styles.    I on the other hand, could not find ANYTHING that I liked.  Do you find that when you have some extra money, you can’t find anything, but when you don’t have extra cash, you want everything you see?  I did see a lot of great fall clothes, but it was so MUGGY this weekend.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy, or try on sweaters. 

These were my only purchase


A very cute pair of BCBG ballet flats.


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